Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Does Ronaldo Need a Break?

"Sir Alex Ferguson will consider allowing Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Portugal to recharge his batteries before Manchester United’s Barclays Premier League showdown with Chelsea on January 11. Ronaldo has cut a snarling, fractious figure in recent weeks, having been involved in a series of altercations with opponents, but the idea of a short break is regarded at Old Trafford as a routine course of action from which the winger might benefit. "

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Photographing the Best Player in the World

Jorge Monteiro, Cristiano Ronaldo's personal photographer:

"It has been a fantastic experience. I'm lucky to be a part of some of the best moments in Cristiano's life. Not everyone gets to shoot (for) the best player in the world."

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mourihno Explains Why Ibrahimovic is the Best Player in the World

"I really think he's the best player in the world...With all due respect for the incredible players in the world, I think he's the best. I never saw a guy who is 196cm tall with the speed, the coordination, the beauty of his game...He knows what he wants, he knows where he wants to arrive. He wants to play every game. He wants to press the other teams. He defends very well, which he was not doing never in his life. He's in the last step to be the best. It's really special to play with him."

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Txiki Says Messi is the Best Player in the World

Barcelona director of football, Txiki Begiristain "was in no doubt as he insisted that Messi is the 'best player in the world'..."

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Mourinho Says Ronaldo is NOT the Best Player in the World

“Ronaldo is a good player, but he is not the best in the world...He deserved the Ballon d’Or this year because his club side won the Champions League and the Premier League and he scored many goals, [but] when I think of how a player should be, I think of Kaká, Ibrahimovic and [Lionel] Messi. Messi is a phenomenon, but, in my opinion, Ibrahimovic is the best.”

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ronaldo Should Focus on Inter

"But he no longer dives quite as often as before. Equally, as his manager continues to point out, this is a player who takes huge amounts of punishment without succumbing to the rages that still bedevil Wayne Rooney. He is fearless, too, and that fact is often overlooked. Did I mention that he is currently the best player in the world?... He should be thinking Mourinho rather than Madrid. There are scores to be settled there, for him and for his team, and insults to be repaid. Besides, Inter are worthier opponents by far these days than Madrid's deluded royalty."

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Sir Alex Compares Ronaldo to Pele and Maradona

"The expectations are always so high with Cristiano because of his rise in the last two or three years since we got him as a young kid...He scored 42 goals last season -- his goal-scoring is the one area which for a wide player Cristiano is absolutely superb...Pele scored in a World Cup final as a 17-year-old and Maradona played for his country at 17. Cristiano was 18 so the signs are the same."

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Messi Fires Back at Cannavaro Diving Accusations

"Cannavaro should look at real Madrid and express opinions about his own team...I do not ask anything from the officials...I know that they are there to do a job and do it as best they can. It is necessary to leave them to it and not put any extra pressure on them..."

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Ferdinand Thinks Rooney Could be Best

"Maybe it has had to be drilled into him, but Wayne is playing more like an orthodox centre-forward for us and - given time - he could easily be the best in the world..."

And... if you're the best centre-forward in the world you could easily become... the best player in the world.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Cannavro says Messi Goes to Ground too Easily

“I have seen players like Maradona getting kicked all the time in matches but he never complained...With Messi, I have this feeling that he sometimes throws himself to the ground too easily. He has to stay on his feet a bit more and complain less."

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ronaldo Happy at United

After his Manchester United team booked their place in the Club World Cup final with a 5-3 over Gamba Osaka, Cristiano Ronaldo quashed rumours that he has a deal in place to join Real Madrid in the summer:

"I don't care what people are saying...I have not read it. I am here in Japan and I know nothing about what is going on around me...But I am very happy playing for Manchester United.''

( "As he prepares to be confirmed as the best player in the world at a glitzy FIFA ceremony next month, Ronaldo confirmed life at the moment is going well.")

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Ronaldo Will Join Real Madrid Next Summer

El Mundo quotes a conversation between a Real Madrid director, Pedro Trapote, who is understood to be very close to the club president, Ramon Calderon, and one of his business associates, which it alleges took place on Monday.

Trapote explains that the Ronaldo deal is done but clauses in the agreement prohibit Madrid from making it public. He says: "If you are asking me what we are going to do, now I can tell you that we have already signed the top one for next summer."

When asked: "Are you talking about Cristiano?" he replies: "The top is the top. It is Cristiano, there is no one else. The thing is, it is better not to say anything right now. There are clauses that prevent us from announcing it. For us it would be the right moment but we shouldn't. But it's not bad, is it?"

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You are Lionel Messi and You Know You are the Best When...

The once great Real Madrid resort to brutality to keep you in check:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hleb Says You Cannot Compare Ronaldo With Messi

"Snubbing Messi is the equivalent of showing a lack of respect for him as a genius...I have played many times against Cristiano Ronaldo when I was in the Premiership and I know how he plays. I know what he was capable of, but also know his limits...But since I came here I have learned to respect the genius of Messi...You cannot compare Cristiano Ronaldo with Messi. Definitely, you cannot."

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Ronaldo Taking a Back Seat to Messi?

It looks like Mike Noorish of The Telegraph will be voting for Lionel Messi as the Best Player in the World in 2009:

"It's awards season, which means Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are sharing stages and shortlists.

Right now though, that's about all they have in common. Because there's currently no similarity between the performance levels of football's two brightest stars.

Take Saturday. Hours after an ineffective Ronaldo was nibbling at Spurs' Michael Dawson, Messi was scoring the winner against Real Madrid - again demonstrating his priceless ability to produce when it matters."

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The Winter of Ronaldo and Messi

The great writer at The Independent, James Lawton, anticipates this season's battle for Best Player in the World:

"In England we are beset by misfiring superteams and irascible superstars. Oh, indeed, to be in Spain in the season of Barça and Lionel Messi, their currently sure-fire candidate for the next round of the awards now being monopolised by Cristiano Ronaldo.

At Messi's current rate of knots, Cristiano and his most fervent supporters – and heaven knows they do get upset with anyone who has the temerity to say that he isn't quite a combination of the moon and stars, and not yet even vaguely in the class of the late George Best – will have to review his publicly stated belief that his undisputed supremacy will stretch out seamlessly down the years.

The fact is Messi is disputing this assumption not only with brilliant skill but the most impressive competitive character."

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Ashley Young to Become One of the Best Players in the World?

Villa defender Curtis Davies says that winger Ashley Young will come in for some stick in the dressing room after manager Martin O'Neill compared him to Lionel Messi. However he does admit that there is something special about his teammate:

"He’s improving. You don’t peak as a player until you are 27 or 28 so he’s got another five years to get even better...If that improvement continues, he will be one of the best players in the world."

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Martin O'Neill Puts Ashley Young in Same Class as Ronaldo and Messi

“You talk about Ronaldo and Messi. Is Young in that company? Yes. I’ve just put him in it...This is my opinion. I look at players, I see a lot of games in Europe. I watch a lot of football and you see a lot of players playing the game who are very functional...Some are decent, some are more than decent and some are very good...And then you have a few players who are absolutely exceptional and Ashley Young is absolutely exceptional...I think he’s a world-class performer, I really do. I don’t use that too often but he’s absolutely class."

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Raul thinks Ronaldo and Messi are equals but...

“I believe that Ronaldo and Messi were the two clear favourites to win the award. I think that they are equally the two best players in the world today... Messi is a player who will become something incredible if he can stay away from injuries...The other day I saw one of his games. He was running with the ball at a hundred percent full speed, I don’t know how many touches he took, maybe five or six, but the ball was glued to his foot. It’s practically impossible!... Of course, Ronaldo has other qualities but watching them both, I would have to choose Messi.”

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Scolari not frustrated by loss of Robinho

"I am not frustrated but he is a man that I like because he plays very well. He said many times when he was at Real Madrid he wanted to come to Chelsea because they were very good and he wanted to arrive as the best player in the world. If he had come to Chelsea, it would have been very good for him...But business is business, I don't know what happened, I don't want to say what I know about this because it is not very important or relevant any more."

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Di Stefano says Messi is number one, Ronaldo number two

"The number one is Messi...He is number one because he plays and play. Create and ends. Hopefully, I had him at Madrid...Cristiano Ronaldo is the second behind Messi. He is fast, smart, comprehensive and effective, very good."

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FIFA Short List: Ronaldo, Messi, Torres, Kaka, Xabi

FIFA has announced its shortlist for its World Player of the Year award.

"The shortlist has been complied after coaches and team captains from around the world were asked to vote for their top choice. The announcement of who has taken the top three places will take place at a glitzy gala at the Zurich Opera House on 12th January."

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Barclay's Fan Survey Shows Torres to be More Popular Than Ronaldo

"Ronaldo's theatrics, exemplified last Saturday at Old Trafford when he personally asked to be substituted for a hip injury, have alienated even those who do not dispute the pre-eminence of his talent. Instead Torres, the striker as inspirational for Liverpool as he was for Spain in Euro 2008, has emerged as the most popular Premier League player among 32,000 people surveyed for the Barclays 2008 Global Fan Report."

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Fabregas Wanted Friend Messi to Win Over Ronaldo

"Cristiano's season was spectacular, but I would have liked to have seen what Messi did recognised, because he is my friend."

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Real President Says Ronaldo Approached Them First

Ramon Calderon:

"We have left that, it has been a very big story, which we didn't provoke...The player said he wanted to come here, a dream to come to Real Madrid and we received and we were happy to know that...After that I talked to Manchester [United] but [chief executive] David Gill was very clear and said they did not want to sell at all."

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Messi Not Happy with Performance Against Valencia

Said Barca manager Pep Guardiola:

“Messi participated little during the game and when he is not able to contribute more, he is always sad...He is a vital player for us and he deserves everything but he was not disappointed with the substitution… just with his own performance.”

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Great Video - Robinho v Ronaldo v Messi

Robinho Vs Ronaldo Vs Messi - video powered by Metacafe

Charlton Believes Ronaldo Will Win Ballon d'Or Again

"It won't be the last one he wins...He is a fantastic player, head and shoulders above anyone else last year. I have had to shake his hand more than once for various awards he has won over the past year. He deserves every one."

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Ronaldo Compares Himself to Hercules

"Even the strongest men in the world - including legends such as Hercules - fall over at times...I am part of this group. Players with superior skills are more prone to be fouled."

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Ronaldo the Most Poplular Player in Japan

"Ronaldo, who scored 42 goals in all competitions last season, has emerged as the most popular foreign player in Japan since Ronaldinho--AC Milan's former World Player of the Year and a runnerup at the Club World Cup two years ago with Barcelona."

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Ronaldo loves himself

Ronaldo's ex-lover, Italian beauty Nereida Gallardo, is busy telling the world how vain the Best Player in the World is:

“His house is full of mirrors so he’s always walking around glancing at himself...He has his initials and the number seven all over the place. It’s on the doors, the coffee tables and there are mirrors everywhere. He loves looking at himself and playing with his hair...He likes his body to be smooth all over and would even use a hair removal cream. He would also use tubs of moisturizer, coating every part of his body, at least twice a day."

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Ronaldo knows how hard it is to stay at the top level

"It is always a special thing to reach this level of excellence. But the hardest thing is to stay at that level...I am very ambitious and a very strong character and a winning mentality. I want to continue to improve like the best players do. I must carry on my apprenticeship, individually and collectively...This Ballon D'Or is the first step on a journey that will go further.''

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Ferguson thinks Ronaldo can match Platini with repeat Ballon d'Or wins

"I think that when a player gets to 26 that's when they begin to mature so these next three or four years for Cristiano will prove my point. He'll win more and I hope he'll win them at Manchester United."

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Maradona thinks Messi will be like him

"Messi still has a long way to go; I think he has another 10 years in front of him to improve. He'll be doing fine in 2010, he'll be somewhat like me."

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Benitez says Torres will be back sooner rather than later

"Fernando is progressing and improving so hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later...It's just a question of waiting and not pressuring the player. I was with him today and he was okay...He has a lot of confidence now, and when you have confidence, you can be fitter sooner...Everything is going well and I think it will be more or less the time we said before, maybe less."

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sir Alex Ferguson believes Ronaldo can improve

"It is brilliant for Ronaldo to win the Ballon D'Or...I will be going to see him receive his award on Sunday and it is well deserved...The percentage of votes he got made it an almost unanimous decision...It is good to know he wants to improve. I think he will improve."

If that proves to be the case doesn't that mean he'll be the Best Player in the World in 2009 as well?

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Ronaldinho vows to get back on the list

"When I saw the list of candidates for the golden ball and FIFA World Player of the Year I noticed my name wasn't there...This has given me one objective: to see my name get back on the list once again."

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Barcelona president proud of Messi

Joan Laporta says:

"As Barcelona president, I feel proud of counting on a player like Messi. He's having a wonderful season, and he can play even better than this because of a team that makes him good."

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Torres wants to be Best Player in the World in 2009

“What I want to do is compete for the Ballon d’Or year in, year out, and try and do better in 2009...This has been my best year as a professional player. Beside, this prize is a massive reward that obliges me keep on working on my recovery.”

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Hleb thinks Messi will win Best Player in the World in 2009

“In my opinion, Leo Messi is far better and I’m sure he will win it [Ballon d’Or] next year,” the Belarussian told Ona FM radio program ‘La Graderia’...He is like a player from another planet! He’s the best I’ve ever played with.”

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ibrahimovic to be The Best Player in the World in 2009?

Mlian manager Carlo Ancelotti says that Cristiano Ronaldo deserved to win the Ballon d'Or trophy voted on by the world's journalists:

"Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best and most spectacular players in the world...The Ballon d'Or depends on the trophies you win while the Champions League also plays an important role... Kaka has already won it while Ibrahimovic is destined to win it in the future."

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Robson thinks Messi will be best player in the world in 2009

Ex-Barca manager Bobby Robson has told The Sun that Man City need to sign Lionel Messi:

“He is the best young player in the world and there aren’t many clubs that can afford to make a signing such as this...It’s an opportunity that cannot be missed and if City want to be the best team in the world, then they need the best player in the world.”

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