Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Could Best Player Spotlight Fall On Rooney In Rome?

Everyone is talking Messi-Ronaldo but numerous Barca players are focusing on the perhaps underrated Wayne Rooney:


"I've never seen a player as powerful as Rooney – the way he goes past people, the intensity of his play, the runs he makes from the first minute to the last and the shot he has. He is world class. Perhaps he does not get the credit he deserves because he should score more goals but he offers so much. When he is focused he is unstoppable."


"What I value most about the way they play is how hard players like Rooney work," he said. "He was filling in at left-back against us last year in the semi-final. Finals are not usually very tactical. We can plan a million things before the game but in the second minute they can strike and all the plans go out the window. We cannot commit any mistakes because they have so much firepower up-front." (Source)

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