Sunday, May 24, 2009

Could Xavi Hernandez Outshine Messi and Ronaldo in Rome?

I'd put my money United to win the Champions League in Rome on Wednesday but you just never know with a team so rich in top talent like Barca.

People are talking about the game being the decider between Messi and Ronaldo for the Best Player In The World title but football is a funny game.

On the United side, Rooney could prove to be the "best player" on the day.

While on the Barca side two players stand out: Iniesta who scored the wonder goal that knocked out Chelsea and Xavi, who controls a game like no other player since perhaps Zidane.

If I were starting a team I'd look at only two players: Gerrard and Xavi. But Xavi would be first.

Xavi won't win the Best Player In The World award this year but he has a chance to steal some glory from Messi and Ronaldo on Wednesday and maybe put the club that is more than club past the favoured United.

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