Friday, May 29, 2009

Former Best Player In The World Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves United For National Team:

Is it so bad with United or is he so desparate to join Real Madrid?

After the Champions League loss in Rome, Ronaldo made it sound as if the club that currently pays his wages did not even exist:

‘My future for now is the national team. I don’t want to talk about clubs, I want to rest, to go on holidays, because I’m very tired. I’ve played many games under a lot of pressure. The future… we’ll see.’ (Source)

It's absurd really. But that's pro sports these days. High stakes, high pressure; powerful people, big bucks, pushing against each other.

Ronaldo has wanted to go, United steadfastly prevented him. And now you have this: Ronaldo not wanting to talk about "clubs". The club with which he won last season's Champions League doesn't exist for him.

I'd be interested to see if the Portugese national team could give Ronaldo as much fame, money and trophies as his club has.

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