Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jack Wilshire picks Messi for this year

Young England players are gathered at the team hotel and are discussing what it takes to become the Best Player in the World:

BOSTOCK: ‘I find it hard to get comfortable because as soon as you achieve one thing, you’re looking for the next one. You play for the U17s and then you want to play for the U19s, then the U21s. Players I’ve played with like Jack Rodwell and Nathan Delfouneso have moved on to the U19s. Look at Wayne Rooney and you see what’s achievable. I suppose the height is like Cristiano Ronaldo, he gets voted the best player in the world. How does he feel after that?’

WILSHERE: ‘Not this year he isn’t. He’s not the best this year.’

BOSTOCK: ‘Last year. It doesn’t matter what year it was. He was officially the best player in the world.’

WILSHERE: ‘Not this year.’

So who is?

WILSHERE: ‘Messi.’

(Source: Arsene Knows Best & the Daily Mail)

Wilshire is a great young player himself. Could he too become the best player in the world some day?

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