Friday, May 15, 2009

Perez Is Right: Real Needs Best Players

Florentino Perez is famous for the Galacticos period at Real Madrid and now he's saying that the floundering Spanish giants need to get back to that model (with him as president):

''We are working towards and we will work to create a spectacular project, and that is to make Real Madrid the best club in the world once more,'' said Perez, who is considered the favourite to win the election.

''We want to clean the image of the club and become leaders in Europe.

''A club like Real Madrid needs to have several of the best players in the world and even though I can't discuss names today, we have a spectacular project on the sporting side.'' (Source)

United have Ronaldo and Rooney. Barca Have Messi and Iniesta (and others). And interestingly Liverpool have Torres and Gerrard.

Perez has hit on a truth. To be a big team you need at least a couple of the players who are rated highly in our poll here at

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