Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ronaldo Believes He Is Still The Best Player In The World. Do You? Vote Now At

"Every time I play football I go out on to the field believing that I am the best.

"And that is the same whether I am training or playing in the Champions League Final.

"For me, you have to have that confidence at all times. That's what makes me the player I am.

"It made me proud to be recognised as the best. I always believed I was the best, but it was an honour to become the official No.1 - and I still think I am at the top.

"Sometimes it is clear that if it is a close fight between two players for the European or world player of the year then winning the Champions League can decide the outcome.

"I won it last year because Manchester United won the Champions League and the Premier League. But I also won it because I scored 42 goals myself.

"It made me very happy. It was a big honour for me personally, but also for Manchester.

"This game we play is about the team, not individuals. This final is not about me and Messi. It is between Manchester United and Barcelona.

"Both are winners of their national titles and I predict that it will be a spectacular duel." Ronaldo missed the first six weeks of the season after undergoing ankle surgery following his exertions at Euro 2008." (Source)

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