Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hillarious Video: How United Fans Really Should Feel About Losing Cristiano Ronaldo, One Of The Best Players In The World:


What Martin Samuel had to say about everyone's sudden relief that Ronaldo had left United and England:

"The idea that United are better off without him, or that he can be easily replaced, is too far-fetched even for a sport that is right now looking back on Freddy Shepherd's time at Newcastle as some golden age and wondering again whether David Beckham could play holding midfield for England against strong opposition.

"The latest development is that Ronaldo will be replaced by Luis Antonio Valencia of Wigan Athletic. And had Valencia not scored fewer goals in the entirety of last season than Ronaldo did in the four days between October 29 and November 1, they could be twins.

"As for Ronaldo, judging by the reaction, he is better off at Real Madrid. We didn't deserve him anyway, that useless 67-goal, best footballer you'll ever see at your ground, mate, peacock." (Source)

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