Friday, June 19, 2009

Inter Milan's Assessment Of Ibrahimovic In-Line With Poll:

Inter administrator Ernesto Paolillo puts Ibrahimovic above Kaka but below Ronaldo:

"The player knows that for the time being we have had no offers that are deemed suitable for his market value, which is superior to Kaka and slightly inferior to Cristiano Ronaldo in our estimation."

"The situation is being evaluated constantly by (Inter sporting director Marco) Branca," said Paolillo. "Regardless of the rumours that are coming from England and Spain, we find ourselves faced with an impasse that could be unblocked at any time just like it could also mean that Ibrahimovic's desired transfer does not happen." (Source)

As of today the fans of the world at think the same:

Lionel Messi 46% (922 votes)
> Cristiano Ronaldo 22% (454 votes)
Steven Gerrard 7% (145 votes)
Andres Iniesta 4% (76 votes)
Fernando Torres 3% (60 votes)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 2% (45 votes)
> Kaka 2% (43 votes)

If this is all true that means that Inter are looking for between 56m pounds (Kaka money) and 80m pounds (Ronaldo money).

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