Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Official: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Not Just A Good-Looking Guy: He Is Also The 2nd Best Player In The World:

Real Madrid's general director Jorge Valdano gets caught with his pants down in talking about Ronaldo when he's not supposed to be talking about him:

"I can't answer any questions about him,'' he told TVE. "I can only talk about players who are on their way here, not about those we are in negotiations over.

"He is a great professional, he dedicates a very great deal of time to his work. He is a great footballer and a very good professional.''

"According to the information we have managed to obtain, he is an excellent professional,'' he added. "You don't get the player's body he has, which is a footballing advertisement, without working a great deal.

"Another thing is that his reputation as an officially good-looking guy, and a social or advertising model, blurs his image a bit.

"He is a great footballer.'' (Source)

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