Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ronaldo Departure: Will The Best Players In The World Start Avoiding United?

Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail seems to think so and can't understand why so many people, including United fans are happy that Cristiano is gone:

"The positive reaction to his departure is almost wantonly bizarre with many joining Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister - and there is the warning, straightaway - in predicting that United will emerge stronger, as if losing the World Player of the Year is going to make your club more appealing to the best players.

"Is it not logical; players who previously felt they were at the best, the strongest, club in the world, might now have second thoughts. It is no surprise that within 24 hours of the bid for Ronaldo being accepted, unsettling rumours around Nemanja Vidic resurfaced. The odds on Carlos Tevez leaving increased, too." (Source)

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