Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Player In The World, Lionel Messi, Slams Chelsea's Brand Of Football In Champions League:

"If a team comes and tries to play football against us, then fine," he told Four Four Two magazine.

"But at no time did Chelsea want to play football. They just refused.

"They wanted to make it a messy, broken-up match, very stop-start. A physical contest more than football.

"That's not our way. Our way is to want the ball all the time.

"When a team plays like that, you think. 'How can it be a team with players as good as that doesn't even try to play the ball? How can they just sit there?' "

"They got the ball, gave it to the goalie and he thumped it. And that was it. It's hard to believe a team that reached last year's final and have been Premier League champions could play like that." (Source)

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