Wednesday, November 25, 2009

amazing 6 year old


  1. Well Ian - what a fine video you have unearthed. The Dad did a great job with setting up this video. He highlights some important skills of Kai's. I love how the kid can control a high ball for instance. He's got a great shot too. Looks great in that England kit like you used to. I think everyone looks great in that kit. Kai's got a bright future. He's already linked up with a pro club. That's starting early. The Dad asks where he will be next year at the end of the video. Good question. We never know where a career will end up. I hope that Kai keeps improving and keeps loving the game. Who knows? Maybe someday he will become the Best Player in the World!

  2. Hey Big Boy. I just got this message from Kai's Dad on Youtube:

    "Kai has been scouted by Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Reading, and some other championship clubs. He can not ofically sign exclusive contracts with a club untill April 2011 however two premiere League teams have already ask or exclusivity in exchange or a 3yr contract. He often plays matches for these teams and trains with them, he has a game for Arsenal next saturday. Attached is a short clip of him warming up for an U8 Fulham, even though Kai is Just 6. Thanks for your interest.Adam."

    Here's my response to him:

    "Fantastic. He is the real deal then. Our main site is still under construction but I'm going to keep track of him. Good luck in managing his progress. He's obviously got what it takes. The question always is how does a player keep getting better and better - until he is the best, or among the best. And perhaps the biggest issue is - if he doesn't quite get there - how do you make sure he still loves the game and has a balanced life. Nice talking to you. Best..."

    That's a cool situation Kai finds himself in huh? Great player and all that interest in him already by all of those pro clubs. Must be fun eh?

    You might get a taste of that soon too if you do in fact travel to Sunderland.


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