Monday, November 30, 2009

Best players don't want to play for Man City:'s Harry Harris is reporting that the Manchester City Football Club are having trouble attracting the best players in the world:

"Manchester City's bid for a marquee January signing is being thwarted because the world's top superstars claim the club is "not serious", so they are turning their backs on £200,000-a-week wages.

The world's richest club urgently need an injection of top class talent to reignite a season that is in danger of falling away with a Premier League record of seven straight draws."

This is hardly surprising. Even a great club like United is having trouble attracting and keeping the best players in the City of Manchester. So how is City going to do it?

I thought it was quite embarassing for both City and the City when Kaka refused a move there for what was a huge, huge amount of cash.

Now people will claim that City were able to sign Robinho away from Real Madrid and from under the noses of Chelsea - and here is the video evidence of that:

But the truth is - according to Harry Harris - that when Robinho was told he was not going to Chelsea but Manchester - he thought that meant United!

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