Saturday, November 28, 2009

What IMG does for footballers/soccer players:

If you're going to become the Best Player in the World you might at some point need someone to "handle you", manage you. You might need an agent, or an agency. International Management Group (IMG) may be the biggest such agency in the world.

Here is what they say about themselves at

IMG brings it leadership in sports marketing and media to the global super-sport of soccer. We combine our passion for sports with broad expertise and worldwide resources to help elite athletes, world renowned clubs, and leagues and federations increase their presence on soccer’s vast international stage.For forty years, IMG has been instrumental in building the prestige and popularity of global sports like golf and tennis. We apply those same winning strategies to all aspects of soccer, from client management to television production and event hospitality. Our capabilities include:

Media rights and distribution
Player management
Live production and filming
TV program development
Stadium commercialization
Hospitality program management

Sounds like IMG is the complete package...

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