Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beckham has right attitude about England World Cup roster spot:

"I do not fear being axed for the World Cup. If I don't make the squad it's not going to stop me supporting the team,'' he said.

"Nothing is guaranteed, I have discovered that is true in my career. But if I can be part of it then it will be amazing.

"Everybody knows how much I love playing for my country but the manager will pick a squad he thinks will win the competition. That has to be the way.

"If I am not part of that, of course I'd be upset but it is something I would still respect. It would be because the manager felt it was right in terms of his system and having the best players in the team."

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I love Beckham. I have always loved his professionalism.

The only problem I have ever had with him was when former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson guaranteed him a spot in the first eleven. I thought his game was too specialized for that. I thought he'd be great coming off the bench.

And I never minded his big, big fame - like so many others in the world.

The thing about him is that - despite his good looks - he has always worked extremely hard and been serious about his football.

That's why I think that the current England manager should sacrifice a roster spot for him: he has the mentality Capello wants.

On the surface Beckham may no longer look to be among the best players in the world but there is something about him that may bring out the best in his team in South Africa.

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