Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Most Selfish Player in the World?

If so, what and who are behind his terrible behaviour?

There may be some argument that he wants to add to his goal total to be considered the Best Player in the World for 2009 but you have to say that his behaviour at being substituted by Sir Alex Ferguson for the obvious purpose of optimizing Manchester United's quest for consecutive League and Champions League championships - was utterly selfish.

The incident may also have been doubly selfish in that what he did and the way he did it could open the door to his long desired depature to Real Madrid.

Was Ronaldo being opportunistic? Was it a Machiavellian move?

So strange to see him behaving this way just prior to possibly clinching the league and winning the Champions League.

When you also consider Carlos Tevez' comments during the week (saying "goodbye to United"), you have to wonder if perhaps player agents could be involved in such strange player behaviour prior to the biggest moment of the season.

Hmm. Certainly Ronaldo is responsible for his own behaviour but such selfishness? His agent must be involved.

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